Just how do you clean your fine Oriental Rugs?


Our experienced rug-cleaning professionals @ Manning Bros. Flooring are here to help!

Manning Bros. Flooring specializes in the cleaning and care of fine oriental rugs. If you've made the investment to buy high quality oriental rugs, why would you skimp on their cleaning and care? Proper treatment calls for cleaning a minimum of every two years depending on the rug's foot traffic.

Wool rugs must always be cleaned using in-plant cleaning methods, and NEVER by wall-to-wall cleaning methods. While wall-to-wall cleaning methods (like steam cleaning) work perfectly for the synthetic rugs they are meant to clean, they don't work as well on natural fibers. A steam cleaning machine's hot water won't penetrate their dense fibers deeply enough. This will leave dirt behind. If too much water is used, the machine's vacuum isn't powerful enough to completely remove the detergent and water from the rug. This can impact the integrity of the rug's fibers and shorten their life.

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