Flooring tools on the job (Carpet & Vinyl)

For any kind of flooring work you're going to need the right tools to achieve your goals. Below are some basic companions you'll wan by your side for your next project:

- Scraper - To make your flooring surface as smooth & even as possible

- Pliers - Helping to remove those pointy staples left behind for carpeting rip-up work.

- Any dust or obtrusive objects in old flooring can make new flooring difficult to install and visible if not attended to.

- Carpet knife - Makes those edges and corners easy to get as you cut along the back of carpet.

- Floor stapler - Putting in new pad? You'll need this handy.

- Seam Tape - You're bound to have a seam somewhere so why not make it seam-less? Grab a roll of this to place under two converging areas of carpet.

- Flooring Iron - Melts the adhesive on the back of seam tape to bond carpet seams together.

- Kicker- It has teeth and it looks funny but to help get the most out of your carpet, you can safely accomplish just that with this quintessential tool for any flooring expert (or expert to be).

- Row Runner & Top Cutter - To run lengths of carpet to cut while staying in a straight line is easier said than done. Invest in. row runner tool to keep you and your carpet of choice in line and follow with the top cutter to seal the deal and take away the piece you desire.

- Staple Gun- If you're going into closets the staple gun is your best friend. Easy and quick to use; all you need is an outlet.

- Flooring Adhesive - Fancy term for" flooring glue". If you're looking to glue down your carpet make sure to take advantage of multi-purpose or pressure sensitive adhesive.

Trowel - Yes a gardening trowel! Easy to find, inexpensive, and incredibly helpful for spreading adhesive around.....just don't use too much!

- Hammer (floating floors/vinyl) - Gently assists in getting those pieces to lock in flat to surrounding & adjoining vinyl surfaces or installing/ripping up tackless strips.

- Laminate Tapping block - When combined with your hammer, this small tool is nsely helpful in locking together just about any of your laminate needs.

Stay tuned for more!

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