Can I be an installer?

You don't have to be a professional to bring a professional approach to your floors. Whether in your home for a weekend project or your friend's basement, flooring is all about your approach to detail. The old adage,"measure 2x and cut once"bears significance when installing carpet and carpet tile, vinyl, ceramic, and just about any other flooring you can think of. Here are a couple of keys to installer success from our professionals @ Manning Bros. Flooring.

1) Make sure you have all the necessary tools and material (i.e. boots, gloves, measuring tape, carpeting knife, tapping block) for every job. Specifically when it comes to carpet, you always want to have MORE than what you measured to account for adjustments later in the installation process.

2) The hardest part is starting. Invest in ensuring all steps in the beginning are done correctly and typically the process will flow easier based on good beginnings such as when working with vinyl or removing all staples from the floor with carpet.

3) Work smart! Translation? Minimize stress on your body and use the tools - don't let the tools use you. Keep in mind the physical work over the course of long hours can take its toll. A good installer is only able to install when they haven't broken their back!

4) Check your progress along the way. Make sure the initial vision for the project aligns as you go so big adjustments don't need to be made or ruin the project.

5) YouTube is an amazing tool if you need mobile instruction or get lost anywhere in your flooring installation process. In a world of smartphones this application can be quite useful.

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