Box Steps

Updated: May 2

Measure measure measure! All walls are not made equal and the distance between your wall and where your carpet lands on the stairs is important if you want a clean look. Keep your eye on the direction of the rug (smooth one direction, rough the other way) and make sure to have your electric gun with electric staples handy to hold your carpet in place. Padding will go first with your staple hammer tool (see the previous post for necessary carpet tools) to make those steps more delightful to step on for the duration of the carpet's stay in your residence. Afterward, use your kicker to keep the carpet tight in the conjoining spaces on the stairs to achieve as little play as possible in the carpet and ultimately keep the carpet as tight as possible for safety function, and aesthetic purposes. Beware of any design on the actual carpet both shadow and otherwise and be sure it aligns before you lock it in your steps.

Check out the photo below of a recent CUSTOM installation by our in-house installer, Manny Cuevas. Box steps with pattern match carpeting!

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