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Carpet Cleaning Services

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Manning Bros. specializes in the cleaning and care of fine oriental rugs. If you've made the investment to buy high quality oriental rugs, why would you skimp on their cleaning and care? Proper treatment calls for cleaning a minimum of every two years depending on the rug's foot traffic.

Man With Rug

Orientals must always be cleaned using in-plant cleaning methods, NEVER by wall-to-wall cleaning methods. While wall-to-wall cleaning methods (like steam cleaning) work perfectly for the synthetic rugs they are meant to clean, they don't work as well on oriental fibers. A steam cleaning machine's hot water won't penetrate an oriental's dense fibers deeply enough which will leave dirt behind. If too much water is used, the machine's vacuum isn't powerful enough to completely remove the detergent and water from the rug.  This can impact the integrity of the rug's fibers and shorten the life of the fibers.

Manning Bros. in-plant cleaning thoroughly wets your oriental using pressurized water jets. Our low impact scrubbers help water and our eco-friendly detergents penetrate your oriental's fibers to get a deep down clean. Soaking jets then rinse the dirt and detergent away. Conveyors move each rug through a set of ringers which compresses the rug at high pressure to remove most of the excess water. Finally the rug is hung in a thermostatically controlled drying room to completely dry your rug.

Once completely dry, your oriental is rolled and wrapped in thick kraft paper to seal in the clean.

Area Rugs


Manning Bros. can clean any rug from the smallest throw rug to a 15 x 25 colossus at its cleaning plant. Each rug is evaluated during the pre-wash stage. Areas that need special attention because of staining are pre-treated with the appropriate solvents prior to washing. If your rug is animal stained or mildewed, we can deodorize it during cleaning.


Manning Bros. has cleaned over 300,000 rugs over 65+ years of serving its customers. Let us take care of your area rug.


• CASH & CARRY - bring your rug directly to our plant and receive a substantial discount!


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On-Location Cleaning



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Residential Customers

Let Manning Bros. professionally clean your wall-to-wall carpet with our trained technicians. We use the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method of location cleaning. This is the method of cleaning nearly all carpet manufacturers recommend. It provides the deepest cleaning with the least amount of water and detergent residue left in the carpet. This process consists of spraying a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet pile and then extracting the water along with the soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. This is normally done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home or office with only the hose and floor tool brought inside. Locations not accessible by the machine's long hoses are serviced with a portable system.




Commercial Customers

Manning Bros. can maintain all types of flooring in your office space or rental property. In addition to maintaining your commercial property’s wall-to-wall carpeting or wood flooring, we can also polish and wax tile and linoleum hallway flooring as well as clean entranceway flooring mats.




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Upholstery Cleaning


If your sofa, loveseat or dining room chairs are starting to look dull and dingy, don’t replace them. Let Manning Bros. spruce them up for you and save some big bucks. Using the same machines that clean your carpet and a non-toxic cleaning solution, we can bring your furniture back to life.